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Why does Migros sell Lindt and Toblerone?

Migros is now adding Lindt and Toblerone products to its chocolate product range. Head of Food Grégory Décaillet explains the reasons – and why Chocolat Frey still remains number one.

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Why does Migros include chocolate from other producers in its product range?

Grégory Décaillet: Migros always wants to offer its customers the best product range. The Lindt and Toblerone products are very popular in Switzerland and therefore ideally complement our already excellent Chocolat Frey range. From now on, this will create the country’s largest and most diverse range of chocolate in Migros supermarkets.

Which brands are these in particular?

We include selected products in the national range, including Lindt classics such as milk and milk-nut chocolate bars, Chocoletti, Lindor chocolate balls as well as Connaisseurs pralines and Kirschstängeli kirsch batons. As for Toblerone, we will mainly offer tourist items that make great souvenirs when travelling. The main articles can be found in every branch store. The selection will be even more comprehensive in the larger supermarkets.

How does Migros know that this is actually what customers want?

We monitor the market and simply have to conclude that these two brands have been missing from our product range. In addition, we regularly received enquiries from our customers via the M-Infoline that confirmed this.

Will Migros offer these products at lower prices than competitors?

No, Migros will follow the lowest prices in the market. But as I said, we want to make a meaningful addition to the product range.

Lindt chocolates and pralines
Lindt chocolates and pralines can now be found at Migros alongside those of Migros’s own brand Frey.

At the same time, Migros no longer offers certain products from its subsidiary Chocolat Frey. Which ones?

To keep our shelves uncluttered, we are actually taking some items out of the range, including Adoro chocolate balls, cherry bars and sticks, mousse bars and Préstige pralines.

So instead of offering its own products, Migros will offer the originals in future?

No, this is mainly about products that were no longer selling so well. In addition to the Lindt Excellence line, we will, for example, keep the Frey Supreme bars in the range because we know that many customers appreciate them and will continue to buy them. Chocolat Frey is the most popular chocolate in Switzerland and remains the cornerstone of our confectionery range.

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