Succulents in a PET bottle

How to

You can make all of the following things out of PET bottles

At some point they’ll all be empty – then what? We’ll show you five practical things you can do with PET bottles.

Dario Aeberli

Unclog the drain

Fill your sink halfway with water and put your full PET bottle into the drain upside down without the cap. If you now quickly squeeze the bottle tightly, the blockage will be loosened by the pressure – at the latest after two or three attempts. Depending on the drain, you may need a bottle with a wider opening. Be careful, the material from the drain could spray towards you.

Watering plants automatically

Are you unsure whether or not your plants need water? A PET bottle can help. Drill a few small holes in the top, fill the bottle with water and place it upside down in the flowerpot. The bottle will slowly contract as the water is sucked out – just as much as the plant needs. Bottles with thin walls are suitable here.

Vertical gardening

If you lay your bottle down, cut an opening in its belly and fill it with soil, you will have a light flowerpot. You can tie several PET bottles together and hang them on a wall. You will have your own hanging gardens. You can plant lettuce or herbs there.

Make a bottle raft

Make a great raft with your children in no time at all. All you need are empty PET bottles, rubber bands, string and a few wooden sticks. You can find detailed instructions on famigros.

Umbrella holder

Cut away the bottom of the PET bottle, drill two holes above the opening and tie a string to it. Now you can hang your umbrella holder on the headrest in your car or on your coat rack and never have to worry about dripping umbrellas again. To empty the holder, just unscrew the lid.

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