Recycling Guide


Illustration of two empty drinks cans.

Aluminium is fully recyclable, meaning that old aluminium drinks cans can be used to make new products without loss of quality.


These items belong in the recycling

Drinks cans, pet-food containers, tubes, yogurt lids and other packaging made of pure aluminium.

These items do not belong in the recycling

Aluminium coffee capsules, composite packaging (soup and mashed-potato pouches, butter wrappers), paint tins, spray-paint cans, aerosol cans.


Compress the cans to reduce their volume so that you can fill your recycling bag with more packaging.


Places where you can dispose of aluminium

You can dispose of aluminium directly in your local municipality.


How aluminium is recycled

The aluminium packaging is smelted and cast into new aluminium ingots. These are then flattened until just a few millimetres thick and rolled into sheets before being used to make new, high-quality aluminium products.

Did you know?

Aluminium is an evergreen metal – it is fully recyclable and one of the few materials that can be recycled infinitely without loss of quality.

Together for more recycling

Recycling protects the climate and conserves the Earth’s natural resources. That’s why we want to do our bit together with you.

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