Hazardous waste contains harmful substances that are dangerous to humans and the environment. Therefore, hazardous waste must not be disposed of in household waste.


This goes in the collection

Products with hazard pictograms such as varnishes, paints, chemicals, acids, alkalis, Javel water, descalers, solvents, thinners, mercury thermometers, spray cans, pesticides, etc.

This does not go in the collection

Waste oil.


Before proper disposal, it is best to store hazardous waste in a safe place and out of reach of children.


You can dispose of hazardous waste here

We only take back hazardous waste in the original Migros packaging, as this is the only way that the sales staff know the correct way to handle the product. Hand in the hazardous waste to the customer service of Do it + Garden, Obi or in our shops that sell similar products. You can also return hazardous waste at the Hazardous Waste Mobile or st a cantonal hazardous waste collection point.


How hazardous waste is recycled

Some hazardous wastes (e.g. oil) can be treated and reused. Other hazardous wastes must by law be incinerated in facilities with the appropriate permit. For this reason, they are also collected separately.

Did you know?

Hazardous waste must never be disposed of in household waste, in the toilet, in the sink or in nature, as it can cause considerable damage to the environment and can also be dangerous to humans.

Together for more recycling

Recycling protects the climate and conserves the Earth’s natural resources. That’s why we want to do our bit together with you.

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