Glass is infinitely reusable, although it’s important to carefully separate waste glass by colour before disposing of it.


These items belong in the recycling

Drinks bottles as well as gherkin, jam and yogurt jars.

These items do not belong in the recycling

Lids, drinking glasses, light bulbs, mirror glass and window glass.


Be it white, green or brown glass, please always rinse it and separate by colour! Blue, red and multi-coloured bottles are exceptions and belong in the green-glass bottle bank.


Places where you can dispose of glass

Every municipality has bottle banks where you can separate and dispose of your waste glass.

Drinking glasses and incandescent light bulbs belong in the household rubbish, while fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs belong in the light-bulb recycling. See also Swiss Recycling.


How glass is recycled

Glass moves in a 100% closed material cycle and can therefore be moulded into new bottles and (preserving) jars repeatedly without any loss of quality.

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Did you know?

Remove lids and caps before recycling. Feel free to leave paper labels attached, as these do not need to be removed for correct recycling.

Together for more recycling

Recycling protects the climate and conserves the Earth’s natural resources. That’s why we want to do our bit together with you.

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