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CDs and DVDs

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Disused CDs and DVDs are too valuable to waste. If you dispose of your CDs and DVDs correctly, they can be used for something completely different.


These items belong in the recycling

Old CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

These items do not belong in the recycling

CD/DVD protective sleeves, records, cassettes, MP3 players.


Separate ways – dispose of your CDs and DVDs separately from the plastic casing and booklet, as this is the only way to ensure that all the raw materials used are recycled correctly.


Places where you can dispose of CDs and DVDs

You’ve been able to return CDs and DVDs to the collection point or Customer Service at all of our stores since 2012. The insertion slots are equipped with shark’s teeth or sandpaper to ensure that your data is destroyed.

You can hand over your discarded CDs and DVDs at the till in small stores without an insertion slot.

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How CDs and DVDs are recycled

CDs and DVDs are mainly made of polycarbonate – a high-quality and relatively expensive plastic. The recovered recycled material is used to make new products for the computer and car industries, among others.

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Did you know?

The production process for CDs and DVDs is energy-intensive, expensive and based on non-renewable raw materials. The use of polycarbonate as a secondary raw material helps reduce CO2 emissions and cut oil consumption.

reDisc CD recycling: What is it?

Together for more recycling

Recycling protects the climate and conserves the Earth’s natural resources. That’s why we want to do our bit together with you.

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