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Zero waste shopping

More and more customers want to avoid packaging and plastic when shopping. Why this makes sense and what Migros offers.

Adelheid Bacchilega-Schätti
Jorma Müller, Yves Bachmann

Each person in Switzerland uses an average of 70 kilograms of plastic packaging every year. But this hefty amount can be reduced with little effort. The following four products make it easier to do something good for the environment.

Veggie Bag

This eco-friendly alternative helps you reduce plastic waste when bagging fruit and vegetables. If the veggie bag is used at least six times, it has a lower environmental impact than a conventional disposable plastic bag. And this is how it works: weigh your fruit, vegetables or bread rolls without a bag and then simply pack them in the veggie bag. You can even put several varieties into the same bag: simply stick several price labels on the fabric sewn onto the bag. The bags are machine washable at 30°C without any problems.

ReUse Bag

A man fills a ReUse Bag with unpacked products
Migros sells some food unpackaged. In addition to nuts, foods such as pasta, rice and muesli are also available at the filling stations.© Jorma Müller, Yves Bachmann

The woven bag made from renewable raw material is equipped with a fastener. It weighs a mere 17 grams. And this is how it works: to avoid having to resort to the little plastic bags, take these small reusable bags with you when you go shopping. They can be filled with nuts, flour and a whole lot more at a filling station.

M-Topline container

A meat seller places meat in a reusable container
Bring your own container. We will use it to package meat, fish or cheese. Ask the professional at the counter.© Jorma Müller, Yves Bachmann

Fish, cheese and meat selected at the counter can be packed in containers that you bring with you. The Topline products, which are available in various sizes, are particularly suitable for this. And this is how it works: your reusable containers must have been cleaned in a dishwasher and be leak-proof. Please note: for hygiene reasons, poultry meat cannot be packed in containers that you bring with you.


The new reusable system for eggs from sustainable free-range farming is a winner: the box, which is particularly environmentally friendly thanks to being reusable, belongs in every shopping bag from now on. And this is how it works: take the reusable egg box with you when you go shopping, pack the loosely-sold eggs and pay at the checkout. This way the eggs are also well protected during transport.

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