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Who is responsible for what?

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The board of directors is responsible for the overall management of the Migros community. It defines the strategy, ensures the creation of efficient managerial and organisational structures and represents Migros externally.

Members of the Board of Directors

  • We are Migros

    Three members of the Board of Directors introduce themselves

  • We are Migros

    Despite the many changes, I notice over and over again that people in Switzerland feel connected to Migros.

    Ursula Nold – Chair of the Migros Board of Directors
  • We are Migros

    For me, it is important to create long-term values for Migros with which everyone can identify.

    Jean-Marc Bovay – Representative of MC Neuenburg/Freiburg
  • We are Migros

    Migros has succeeded in reinventing itself time and again – with pioneering spirit, innovation, courage, and a commitment to sustainability and society.

    Cornelia Ritz Bossicard – external member of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee

Our Board of Directors is made up of a total of 23 voting members, including the Chair and Vice Chair. Due to the wide range of issues the Board of Directors deals with, it is made up of people with different areas of expertise.

  • Portrait of Ursula Nold

    Ursula Nold

  • Portrait of Anton Chatelan

    Anton Chatelan

  • Portrait of Hans A. Wüthrich

    Hans A. Wüthrich

  • Portrait of Patrick Avanthay

    Patrick Avanthay

  • Portrait of Jörg Blunschi

    Jörg Blunschi

  • Portrait of Jean-Marc Bovay

    Jean-Marc Bovay

  • Portrait of Mario Caldelari

    Mario Caldelari

  • Portrait of Colin Frei

    Colin Frei

  • Portrait of Mattia Keller

    Mattia Keller

  • Portrait of Martin Lutz

    Martin Lutz

  • Portrait of Felix Meyer

    Felix Meyer

  • Portrait of Reto Sopranetti

    Reto Sopranetti

  • Portrait of Anita Weckherlin

    Anita Weckherlin

  • Portrait of Grégory Décaillet

    Grégory Décaillet

  • Portrait of Dominique Biedermann

    Dominique Biedermann

  • Portrait of Cornelia Ritz Bossicard

    Cornelia Ritz Bossicard

  • Portrait of Jean-René Germanier

    Jean-René Germanier

  • Portrait of Paola Ghillani

    Paola Ghillani

  • Portrait of Marianne Janik

    Marianne Janik

  • Portrait of Martin Künzi

    Martin Künzi

  • Portrait of Christoph Tonini

    Christoph Tonini

  • Portrait of Hubert Weber

    Hubert Weber

  • Portrait of Mario Irminger

    Mario Irminger

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