Plastic packaging belongs in the plastic collection bag. Simply bring your full collection bag with you next time you do your shopping – we’ll do the rest.


These items belong in the collection bag

You can fill the Migros collection bag with plastic packaging from Migros products or non-Migros products – provided you follow the instructions on the bag:

  • Plastic carrier bags, stretch and shrink wrap, plastic packaging material such as magazine and six-pack wraps, small plastic bags, plastic film used for packing salad, fruit and vegetable products, plastic bags used for packing part-baked bread or toasting bread, cosmetics containers, tubes, refill pouches, yoghurt or ice-cream pots and other plastic cups, plastic tubs such as fruit and meat packaging, egg and biscuit packaging.

  • Empty plastic bottles that contained household products such as milk, laundry or cleaning detergent, shampoo, shower gel, soap, lotion, cream, vinegar, oil, sauce, plant fertiliser."

These items do not belong in the collection bag

  • PET beverage bottles (these belong in the high-quality PET beverage bottle recycling)

  • Non-empty plastic bottles* and plastic bottles that contained DIY, gardening or motoring products

  • Heavily soiled packaging that still contains some of the product, e.g. barbecue foods with marinade

  • Electrical and electronic devices

  • Water filter cartridges

  • Polystyrene (Sagex PS foam)

  • Plastic toys and items such as single-use tableware, tablet blister packs, toothbrushes, packing chips, rubber items, bike tyre inner tubes, inflatable dinghies, inflatable paddling pools, bottle corks, CDs and DVDs, toner cartridges, coffee capsules, coffee pads, teabags, film cartridges, photos, cigarette butts, garden hoses.

*NOTE: half-full bottles containing cleaning products and products displaying the hazard symbol are exceptions and must be deposited at Customer Service."


Plastic packaging can be disposed of and recycled separately; it’s therefore best to remove the aluminium lids and cardboard wrapper from yoghurt pots, for example. Remove lids or lidding film from plastic tubs to make it easier to recycle the plastic.

Heavily soiled packaging that still contains some of the product does not belong in the collection bag – please put only scraped-clean packaging in the bag.


Places where you can dispose of plastic packaging

The collection points for plastic are clearly marked in our stores. Deposit the Migros plastic collection bag in the correct container there or, in some stores, through the correct slot in the recycling wall.

NOTE: not all stores have collection points. Ask at your local store.

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How plastic packaging is recycled

We arrange for the plastic disposed of at the collection points to be sorted and recycled. We then use some of it to make new Migros products and packaging. And we are striving to do this even more in future – to give plastic a new life.

Did you know?

Migros plastic collection bags are available in rolls of 10 in various sizes: 17 litres, 35 litres or 60 litres.

Together for more recycling

Recycling protects the climate and conserves the Earth’s natural resources. That’s why we want to do our bit together with you.

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